I began thinking many years ago about the difficulties I experienced personally when I began my own journey of starting a career in information technology. If only I knew then what I know now, I would have avoided tons of frustration not only for myself but my new family at the time as I struggled to find the right degree, certification, path, and job searching tactic. Like many, I began college majoring in Information Systems with relatively little to no understanding of what I might encounter once I truly began to seek out employment in the field. To complicate things, starting college in the late 90’s approaching the “dot-com” bubble and Y2k did not improve my experience. I was fairly confident in a few things: I loved technology; computers were here to stay; and eventually I could support myself and a family with a career in information technology. If only someone would give me a chance…

I quickly found myself questioning exactly how I would ever enter the IT field and gain experience if I couldn’t even get an interview without that experience? Attempting to describe the frustration level is next to impossible to describe unless one has experienced it firsthand. Regardless of the roadblocks, challenges, and frustrations at what seemed to be at every corner, my determination allowed no room for throwing my hands up all together. Encountering so many professionals that face the same uphill climb (weekly sometimes) along with tons of encouragement from so many, I began to write about this through a series of articles with an awesome organization – Careers In Government (CIG). Now after 16 years of what most would consider an extremely successful career in information technology, I have put together an easy to follow and straight to the point guide or manual packed full of advice based upon my own experience, trials, failures, and success. This guide could literally be titled: if only I had of known this stuff when I was first starting out in IT.

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The book is now available on Amazon for Kindle in addition to the .pdf format provided on this site. You can purchase on Amazon using this link Amazon Kindle Version

The e-Book

This book, in digital format, includes 65 pages jammed packed full of straight to the point guidance on the who, what, when, where, how, and why. Hours of boring dialogue and theory have no place in this book as it is your manual to success. Based upon my own real world experiences, this journey by no means has to be painful as you seek to enter the IT field.

This manual will walk you through everything you need to know about beginning a career in the field of Information Technology. Regardless of where you find yourself in the process or what questions, concerns, and other doubts you may have, this is book is for you and will literally be enough to take you from interest to interviewing for the career you so desire.

Templates: Resume, Cover Letter, Thank You Letter, Career Research Guidance/Plan Templates: Interview Prep, Interview Practice, Checklist Resources: Job search, reading, professional development resources, several examples of interview questions you most certainly will encounter To gain a sneak preview of what exactly you will find in the book (but with much greater detail) you can review my article series with

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